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Children’s Interactive Educational Program – Platform that allows clients to expand their skills and collaborate in a controlled environment. There will be games such as matching, grammar, spelling, puzzles, as well as interactive videos and audio for learning. The project will allow for use via web browser.



II. Application Requirements

Q: What features is the customer looking for in the project?

·         Interactive functionality

·         Being able to keep track of their progress

·         User-friendliness

·         Challenging material

·         Being able to share files(grades)

·         Being able to invite others

Q: What high level objectives must be met for the customer to sign off on the project? List the requirements in bulleted format.

III. OptionEdit


Option  of Choice   Edit


  • .NET
  • C#
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Bootstrap
  • Adobe Photoshop CC



·         Advantage 1

·         Supports large database functions.

·         Advantage 2

·         Team Experience

·         Team is comfortable with .NET.

·         Advantage 3

·         Supports both Windows and Web Applications.



·         Disadvantage 1

·         Lower performance.

·         Disadvantage 2

·         Closed source.

·         Disadvantage 3

·         Only supported by Microsoft servers.

High Level Implementation RequirementsEdit

What steps must the customer take in order to implement your solution?  Is any hardware necessary, does training have to occur?

·         Latest browser

·         Certain level of Android API

·         No training

Potential un-addressed IssuesEdit

What areas have you not addressed but may affect the implementation and utilization of the system.

·         Security Issues

·         Stored Procedures

·         Payment method? Perhaps free

·         Multi-Platform?

·         Inexperience with voice and animation files

·         Understanding which levels are suitable for different ages

·         Image formats



I have decided to use Option 1. I feel confident with using .NET and C# based off the coursework implemented during my enrollment at New England Institute of Technology.Edit

.Net has many advantages:Edit

·         Compared to PHP, .NET is more user friendly. Microsoft Visual Studio has many embedded bootstrap plugins which I find to be more beneficial in the final solution to be achieved with less time than if using PHP. There are a lot of built-in functionality with .NET when compared to PHP.

·         Compared to Ruby, .NET does not require the use of the Linux operating system.  Unlike .NET which one has to buy, Ruby is open source allowing users to edit files such as configuration files, that you otherwise could not in .NET. Programming in Ruby in Linux poses problems when using a virtual machine.

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